League VFX Fan Arts

Here are my fan-made League of Legends related VFXs.

Scroll down to check the final Videos.

Pictures on the right are (mostly) chronologic.






















  1. Vlad


    I just finished studying Games Technology , I want to choose my career as a gameplay programmer. I am really curious what programs do you use to do the abilities on the LoL characters and what programs do you use in general. I would like to ask you for some advice on how should I start my portofolio. I already have one, but it hasn’t been updated in a while and it needs to be filled with programming as well. Currently, I am making a small RTS in Unity. Thank you for your time!

    1. Sirhaian

      Hello! :)

      I am using Unity for my VFXs. I do not know much about gameplay development, to be honest, so I’m not really sure how I could give advice about your portfolio… Select your best pieces or work, and showcase them, while having most of your work accessible so that people can judge the overall quality, and know what you’re capable of. :)

      If you have any other question, I’d invite you to visit my facebook page or my twitter. c:

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